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How many International Film Festivals Are There In The World?

If you are a movie buff you will surely be keen to know which the leading international film festivals in the world are. Film festivals offer not only feel-good movies for your entertainment but also act as incredible platforms for diverse or debutant filmmakers. They pay homage to the works of celebrated filmmakers and actors in the past, offer you sneak peeks into upcoming movies, and remind viewers of the value of quality in the entertainment world. Many film festivals are now largely connected to the crypto market. Several film festivals have started to consider NFTs, and some of these festivals get sponsorship from the major crypto exchange platforms. The rising popularity of bitcoin trading has made cryptocurrencies find their position in many industries around the world. People interested in bitcoin trading can read the bitcoins über paypal kaufen blog to find out how to buy bitcoins easily. Movies are an extension and celebration of human life, and they have a magnetic appeal for us; they can touch our hearts and influence our minds in unimaginable ways. Why not attend one of these globally-renowned film festivals to get a taste of the world of celluloid?

Top International Film Festivals That You Should Know About:

  1. The Venice International Film Festival has to be one of the first internationally-acclaimed film festivals that this list must contain. It is held annually at the Palazzo Del Cinema di Venezia as part of Venice Biennale’s art festival. It was started in 1932 and is perhaps the oldest of the best-known global film festivals.
  2. Berlinale or the Berlin Film Festival is held in the German capital every February. In 2018, there were as many as 18,000 movie professionals attending this festival that was filled with hundreds of cinema lovers and almost 3700 reporters. It is known to be showcasing almost 400 movies during the festival. This event coincides with one of the biggest movie industry trade meetings, the European Film Market. It is here that the professionals buy and sell movies, and update themselves about the latest industry trends. Berlinale is open to the general public but you have to be hurry because there are only limited tickets available.
  3.  The Cannes Film Festival in France is of course a much publicized event in the movie world attended by celebrities and movie stars all across the globe. This event was originally called the International Film Festival and named Cannes in 2002. You are likely to see the “who’s who” of the movie world here where spectators throng the red carpet to catch a glimpse of their favorite movie stars.
  4. TriBeCa Film Festival is held at New York City every year and is an independent American film festival. It was founded by Jane Rosenthal, Robert de Niro, and Craig Hatkoff to revive New York’s culture and economy following the harrowing 9/11 incident. The idea was to reach out to a big audience that will recognize New York to be a prime movie center.
  5. Sundance Film Festival in Utah is one of the leading American film festivals in the world and was founded by the Sundance Institute. This was a non-profit organization created by Robert Redford to honor the most innovative filmmakers both in America and the world. So, you can hope to catch movies that are beyond the mainstream Hollywood ones. This festival has earlier recognized huge talents like Quentin Tarantino.
  6. HKIFF is organized in Hong Kong annually by the Hong Kong International Film Society. This is an NGO and non-profit organization that is dedicated to the promotion of film production and arts. It showcases Asian and global films from more than 50 nations.