Tesla Film


Our film “Tesla” will be one part fiction, and two parts facts.
We will follow Tesla’s life from his young adulthood in Europe (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria) and his difficult time in accepting the death of his mother, through his relationship with his father and sisters, and to his first love, with “Anya” a Russian whom Tesla meets in beautiful Trebinje, Bosnia, and who later breaks his heart.
We will travel with Tesla to Austria, where he discovers and begins to understand his advanced intelligence, and eventually journey to America via merchant ship where an incident onboard the ship nearly robs the world of the life of one of the greatest inventers, visionaries and geniuses of all time. Fortunately, “Ernst Adler” an Austrian passenger on his way to finding his own fortunes in America intervenes and saves Tesla’s life. Ernst and Tesla go on to become close friends for many years.
The film will explore Tesla’s relationships and interactions with a long and rich line-up of true life historical characters, such as Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, Guglielmo Marconi, Albert Einstein, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, J.P. Morgan, Mark Twain, J. Edgar Hoover, and Heinrich Himmler of the Nazi regime to name a few.
These are some of the people that built and shaped the foundation for today’s energy solutions, communications, military technologies and moral fibers.
Our fictional character, Ernst Adler plays an important part throughout the film, he is the man who saved Tesla’s life enabling him to go on and invent some of the world’s most important inventions, and he was one of Tesla’s very few close friends and trusted confidants. Adler stood by Tesla, and even understood him, but their friendship came to a long pause when Adler became disillusioned with America and returned to Austria in 1918 to fight alongside of Austria in World War One and then again alongside the Nazis in World War Two, then returned to America towards the end of the war to try to convince Tesla to join the Nazis as they were the most eager to win him over, at any cost.
The viewer will enter the world of Tesla, filled with mystery intrigue and conspiracy, jumping through time from the present to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and back again, not time travel, but instead mind travel, as referred to by our 21st Century fictional character “Ed Watt”, a twenty year old computer hacker who accidently stumbles upon Tesla’s greatest invention kept secret from the world. Through this remarkable invention, Ed is able to experience Tesla’s life from Tesla’s point of view, his incredible achievements in science and engineering and his remarkable inventions.
The story is written by four talented writers from three countries, and consulted by leading experts on Nikola Tesla, all supervised by screenwriter D. Daniel Vujic who has weaved the story into an exciting screenplay. The end is designed so that a sequel can be made or a Television series based on the original motion picture. The film will also feature unique and certain special effects never before seen in motion pictures and specifically saved for this feature film. The film’s soundtrack will feature a vibrant full orchestra. The running time of our film will be an epic 140 minutes shot on the most advance digital technology available, its post-production will be handled in Los Angeles by a team of award winning picture and sound editors.